W2PH, Inc. provides both warranty (After August 1, 2024) and out of warranty service on both the RF2K+ and the RF2Ks LDMOS linear amplifiers.  Service is normally done in short order and our labor rates are calculated in tenths of  hours with a one hour minimum.  We encoruage you to contact us with your service needs  or questions so we can discuss the problem and, if service is needed, turn around times based on our current shop workload.


For those with RF2K+ amps that were never upgraded to the S version controllers, we encourage you to do so.  There are many significant improvements to the operations and the amplifier software becomes compatible with current S versions making updating easy and pain free.  Unfortunately, the upgrade cannot give you the solid state QSK operation that the S does.

Labor Rate is $80 per hour billable in tenths of an hour with a 1 hour minimum.